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Our Story

Health Junkies was founded by a group of health conscious people sharing a common passion for life – longevity, being fit & healthy, and boosting our brain power through scientifically proven supplementation.

We’re from Wollongong, Australia – which is located 1 hour south of Sydney. The Wollongong coastline is blessed with beautiful, iconic beaches and landscapes. People here are very health driven, with many working hard in the gym to achieve the ideal “beach body” everyone desires.

Our mission is to provide people access to extremely high quality products that are backed by science for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or those working to achieve whole body transformations – like weight loss, muscle gain, or removing mental fog and improving brain function.

During our combined 20 years experience in the industry, we’ve noticed one alarming trend that continues to surface time and time again. The supplement industry is tainted with bad quality products, made from cheap ingredients that could comprise your health. There are just too many products out there which are cleverly marketed to be healthy, but are actually dangerous for you.

At Health Junkies, we’re taking a stand and looking to clean up the supplement industry by introducing products that are nothing less than ‘the best’ – and actually do work. We’ve forged close relationships with suppliers who share our passion for high quality standards and ethos. With your support, you can help us make the health industry better one supplement at a time!

Why shop with us?

Health Junkies will never seek out low quality ingredients to cut costs.
With our products what you see on the label is what you get – no hidden nasties.

If it’s not good enough to put in our mouths, we won’t sell it. The health industry has expanded dramatically over the last few years as people are becoming more focused on cleaning up their diets, getting in shape and just simply striving to ‘look good’. Larger companies recognized this demand and jumped all over it as an opportunity to exploit people’s passion for their health, just to make a greedy dishonest dollar.

Who can you trust these days? We hope to earn your trust by putting your best interests at heart at all times, and provide you with high quality healthy products that actually work


We have an obsessive dedication to the quality of all our products.

We never handle the raw ingredients ourselves. All ingredients are sent straight to our food processing plant which operates under a superior level of standards. Our products are Australian made and adhere to strict Australian government certifications:


Products listed on Health Junkies are religiously tested for potency and purity as part the Health Junkies quality control process.
Our products are tested for any bacterial, microorganism or heavy metal contamination.

So, you know when you buy from Health Junkies – you’re getting a clean, high quality product that contains exactly what’s listed on the product label.


  • Anyone who wants to transform their body without comprising their health.
  • Anyone who desires to accelerate their weight loss plan, and strip fat faster using products backed by scientific research.
  • Athletes or bodybuilders looking to build lean muscle, perform better in the gym and experience faster workout recovery.
  • People looking for a healthy change by cleaning up their diet, increasing vitality, and life longevity.
  • Athletes looking to improve their performance, endurance, stamina and recovery time.
  • People who want to detox their body and get their body ‘firing on all cylinders’ again.


  • People looking to compromise their health to get the cheapest possible deal.
  • People who aren’t really serious about achieving results.
  • People looking for ‘quick fixes’ that seriously compromise their long-term health goals